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Motherhood and Low Back Pain

Low back pain is extremely common in the months and years following childbirth. A recent study found that low back pain is prevalent in 77% of women at 12 months postpartum. Of these women, over 60% reported difficulty with ability to perform daily activities because of their back pain. The good news? Low back pain can be treated and fully resolved in women postpartum. Physical Therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment in reducing pain after childbirth. Treatments may include: ⭐️Posture and Body Mechanics Education: Learning the correct ways to position yourself and move your body while nursing, handling car seats, lifting baby in and out of their crib, and assisting with bath time. ⭐️Manual Therapy: Therapists might perform massage and joint mobilization techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility in an area affected by back pain. ⭐️Exercise Training: Strength and flexibility exercises to address abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength and coordination, flexibility and mobility exercises for areas that are commonly tight after performing infant and childcare tasks. Wondering if Physical Therapy might be helpful for addressing your symptoms after childbirth? Contact Mission Peak Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment or a free 15 minute consult today!

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